RFID Indoor forklift warehouse management


With the development of science and technology, the logistics and transportation network is more and more large,the management of warehouses and the entry and exit of goods are becoming more and more intense. with the development of China's economy, labor costs are increasing year by year, and the demand for intelligent warehousing is increasing.enterprises are gradually increasing the financial input in intelligent management, improve the warehouse management, the construction of the intelligent storage of cargo transport demand is high, the original manual operation has been unable to meet the demand of business intelligence, especially artificial operation due to physical health, mood state, Fatigue and many unforeseen errors and loopholes. In order to avoid similar situations, enterprises began to use RFID technology in warehouse forklift management. Forklift trucks can identify the geographical location information through RFID buried tags, and identify the goods based on RFID shelf tags. according to the identification information, the goods can be accurately stored to the designated shelf location, and the goods can also be quickly taken out from the shelves in such a large warehouse. The forklift is equipped with RFID reader, antenna and industrial terminal to realize that the forklift can automatically identify the warehouse location information and goods information in the warehouse. The forklift operator can connect with the system on the industrial terminal in real time to improve the storage management efficiency, reduce the working intensity of operators and prevent operation errors.

Forklift reading and writing equipment and antenna:

Shell adopt high strength die-casting aluminum, firm and durable, good for heat dissipation when work for a long time in outdoor environment.

Support EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C/ ISO18000-6B standard electronic tags

Working frequency 860-868MHZ902-928MHZ(Can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions)

Support 1, 2, 4 external TNC antenna interface;
Output power up to 30 dbm(Adjustable), inventory tags peak velocity, > 700 PCS/SEC

Support active ,command and trigger a variety of work modes

Reading buzzer and LED status indicator; Support online upgrade firmware through communication interface

Reader provide 2 road light isolated input, 2 road light output I/O interface, convenient for application integration

Support RS232RS485 TCP/IP and wireless communication ways Supply API SDK and VC and VB, Java application routines.


Rfid antenna
The antenna is small in size, with lead-out cables, easy to install.according customers demand and requirement provide different configurations antenna.

The RFID buried label is a special application label that specifically identifies geographic location information and can be buried into the ground for installation without affecting the reading effect. The label adopts special design, special materials, long reading distance, compressive impact resistance, high mechanical strength and convenient installation,Especially suitable for location information identification in various storage management projects, convenient collection and application, and long service life, no additional maintenance.

In the warehouse forklift operation, the reader through the anti-metal shelf label read the information of the goods on the shelf, and the goods are extracted or unloaded. The label is transmitted to the back-end server through the antenna reader to update the inventory and other information. According to different racks and pallets, various sizes and shapes tag can be provided.

In the whole work of RFID warehouse management, such as remote identification, group reading and accuracy from the characteristics of RFID UHF technology, applied uhf characteristics to the process of warehousing management, warehousing operations, inventory, sorting and so on. Using the characteristics of RFID, change the traditional inventory management mode, intelligent data collection through analysis and processing, maximize the value of enterprise investment, save human resources, bring a new management mode to the enterprise.

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