IOTE 2021


Settle in Shanghai Deep ploughing in Shenzhen, Help IOT companies grow stronger and bigger.


IOT has been developed in China for more than 10 years.In these more than 10 years, the development of the IOT industry in China has made amazing achievements.


According to Sullivan data,the market size of Chinas IOT industry reached 16897 trillion yuan in 2019,with a compound growth rate of 23.17% in the past five years.



                          Sourse: Sulivan Data Center


In the past 10 years,whether it is the accumulation of technology or the maturity of the industrial chain,the IOT has completed the original accumulation,and only a can make the entire industrial chain take off.

In the first half of this year, the entire industry finally waited for this trend,which is the new infrastructure policy.

The key construction content of the new infrastructure,including 5G base station construction,big data center,artificial intelligence,and industrial internet registration,are the cornerstones and keys of the IOT industry.


In order to better assist the development of the internet of thing industry,IOTE 2021 set sail.

IOTE2021 will be divided into Shanghai Station and Shenzhen Station,based in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta,respectively,in the large IOT industry concentration areas,and radiate the national IOT industry.


IOTE 2021 SHENZHEN Station:

Time:August 18-20,2021

Location:Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center


Organizers:China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance,

Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association.


IOTE.2021 The 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition. Shenzhen Station is a complete industry chain about the Internet of Things, covering the perception layer, network layer, computing and platform layer, and application layer of the Internet of Things, involving RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, Sensor network technology, Internet of Things communication technology, financial consumption mobile payment technology, precision control technology of middleware, big data processing, AIOT, cloud computing, edge computing, real-time positioning technology and other Internet of things technology are used in transportation, industry, smart grid, A high-level international event for comprehensive solutions and successful application demonstrations in the fields of smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, personnel, vehicles, asset management, apparel, books, smart cities, and environmental monitoring. 



The exhibition provides Chinese and even international Internet of Things companies with a perfect platform for the aggregation, display, exchange, and negotiation of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and application integrators involved in the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things. 

At the same time, the exhibition also invited a large number of end customers, information service providers, and software development integrators from various major application industries of the Internet of Things to come to the scene through extensive and influential publicity to achieve close mutual understanding and business between the supply and demand parties Cooperation.