Bin tag application for rfid industry


With the economic development, people's consumption level is rising rapidly, so that the total amount of municipal solid waste continues to increase, which brings tremendous pressure to the removal, management and treatment of municipal solid waste. Especially in urban communities or areas with high population density, effective and intelligent management of waste transportation is required to reduce the cost of manpower and material resources. So how to intelligently and quickly manage and query the garbage cleaning and transportation in large areas? Our small rfid tag played a key role in this process.

 In the past, it may be need staff to check whether the trash bin in each location has been cleaned up, and there will be no missing cleanup in the area or staff changes in positions that affect the untimely removal of garbage. Rfid bin tags are installed in fixed positions of trash cans (fixed-point buckets, transport buckets) and write information such as the number and location of the trash bins. RFID readers and vehicle RFID tags are installed on garbage trucks (flat trucks, recycling trucks) , When the garbage of truck is dumped into the garbage truck, the reader reads the tag information, and then reflects the data to the system to realize the entire monitoring and traceability of the garbage community sorting, garbage transportation, and garbage post-processing to ensure The efficiency and quality of garbage disposal and transportation provide accurate data reports and queries.

Bin tag: Low-frequency bin tag are dirt-resistant, water-resistant, and shock-resistant. They are suitable for use in harsh environments. There are also ultra-high frequency Bin tag, but generally they choose low-frequency tags due to their strong ability to resist environmental interference. according to the size and the data written can be selected different chips and sizes for tag.

(Picture of Bin tag)

(Reference parameters for bin tag)

(bin tag installation area)

Also can put an UHF abs tag on the outside of the trash can to facilitate the garbage truck to read the status of the trash, can from a long distance and record more data information.  according to the situation of the trash can and the reading distance select the different chips and sizes.

( UHF Abs tags can be pasted)

The composition of the garbage management solution: trash can RFID electronic tag + collection vehicle antenna plus reader + data application platform,  paste RFID bin tag to the trash can, and the collection truck reads the RFID tag,and uploads data to the background. The manager checks the clearing of the trash can. If a tag in the system is not read or not updated, the system will give data ,and manager will arrange staff check this area . As people use RFID products more and more widely in their lives, RFID products and equipment have evolved into a variety of shapes, bringing many convenience for us .