RFID--Unmanned retail successfully applied


RFID--Unmanned retail successfully applied


With the increase of domestic labor costs, as well as the gradual emergence of recruitment difficulties, at the same time, with the application of RFID products mature. Based on RFID, relying on Internet IT system, artificial intelligence identification and other new retail unmanned convenience stores shine.


The shopping process of the unmanned convenience store is relatively simple. First, customers scan the QR code (WeChat or Alipay) for real-name authentication before entering the store. After the customer selects the goods in the store, the goods will be placed in the checkout detection area. A QR code will be displayed on the screen beside the detection desk automatically. Then the customer can scan the QR code to pay the bill by WeChat or Alipay.


Since each product is labeled with RFID tag, there is no need to manually identify the barcode of the product at checkout. The detection desk identifies the product information through the detection of RFID tag and calculates the consumption amount.





According to different product forms, the location and way of RFID tag paste also different.

In the whole application, involved RFID products: RFID tags, RFID antennas, RFID readers, RFID access doors.



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